AT&T Fleet Complete supports Vision Zero to help eliminate traffic-related injuries

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(April 26, 2018)


AT&T Fleet Complete is the first telematics provider supporting Vision Zero Network in helping cities strive to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and debilitating injuries.


Improving urban mobility is highly dependent on a deeper understanding of the causes of traffic accidents, and what to do to help mitigate those causes. Is city’s infrastructure the culprit? Is it only driver-related? Can the vehicle itself contribute to the cause?

Today, we have the technological capabilities to help cities accelerate their strides towards the goal of zero road deaths.

AT&T Fleet Complete is a growing* provider of fleet telematics, specializing in diagnostics and enhanced analytics of vehicle health, driver behavior – historical and in near real-time – trip analysis, traffic data and many other automotive safety metrics. Today, AT&T and Fleet Complete are charter business members of the Vision Zero Network, helping blaze the path to safe and healthy mobility for all road users. Did you know, for example, that more police officers in the U.S. die from traffic-related accidents than from gunfire? Moreover, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 53% of police traffic-related deaths were attributed to excessive speed when responding to Officer Needs Assistance calls.**

Speed is one of the major factors in traffic accidents, and AT&T Fleet Complete cloud platform provides much-needed transparency into adverse driving behavior to increase the sense of accountability and address issues immediately. It gives optimal view into all vehicle activity on the road and supplies millions of data points on traffic conditions within the city area.

Traffic death toll statistics are staggering because they come as a surprise. We often underestimate the liability that our steering wheels hold. Vehicle telematics help reinforce the importance of safe driving habits and provide granular insights into the causes of on-road calamities.

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* Frost & Sullivan 2018 Outlook of the Global Connected Truck Industry