Accurate data reporting for all business needs

Would you like to run your fleet more efficiently and reduce fuel costs? Drive more revenue and boost business growth? With our automatic report feature and easy data analytics, you can set your fleet and your business on the road to success today. Give your data the attention it deserves!

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  • Complete visibility into all operations

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    Get insight into by-minute trip details and asset location during work hours. Receive critical metrics on up to 20 points of engine activity, idling, harsh driving, and maintenance routine. Make your reports as detailed or as top level as you need and set up a distribution list for your management team.

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  • Business intelligence at your disposal

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    Analysing Big Data is essential in today’s business in order to remain competitive. Our advanced data analytics software will render all of your critical data reports and comparative metrics in one easy-to-read dashboard: fleet performance, idle duration, high-speed incidents, fuel efficiency, specific area visits and moving time.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you