Harness the power of telematics with our fleet management solutions

Do you know where your vehicles are and what they are doing? Are you concerned about deliveries being on time? Get a comprehensive view of all fleet operations with our cost-effective GPS tracking solution. You can monitor your fleet in near real-time, choose the most efficient routes, promote driver safety, get timely maintenance, manage higher workload and improve customer service from one single platform.

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  • Vehicle monitoring for any fleet

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    Supported by a sophisticated GPS software, this user-friendly fleet tracking solution provides near real-time view on all of your fleet activities. The intuitive online interface allows your dispatchers to see the exact location of your drivers within coverage at any time and operate more efficiently, sending the closest and the most qualified driver to the job.

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  • Flexible data reporting

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    Unravel the complete picture of your fleet operations. Our platform will provide detailed reports on all data, including sensor readings, recorded events, and interactions, which you can customize to your management team needs and gain actionable business intelligence to grow your business.

  • Driver management

    illustration of fleet management software showing fleet vehicle alerts such as aggressive driving behaviours.

    Improve the safety of your drivers and vehicles by getting alerted to undesirable conduct on the road. Curbing adverse driving behavior will help avoid accidents, vehicle damage, fuel waste, and unnecessary expenses.

  • Fleet maintenance

    illustration of fleet vehicle maintenance software alerts from fleet management software.

    Quickly identify and locate any mechanical issues to save on vehicle inspection time and costs. With sensor-to-machine communication, the devices in your vehicle will gather and interpret data for you, informing of necessary actions to take.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you