Complete ELD solution for your FMCSA compliance

Are you a long-haul driver or a commercial motor carrier? Are you still using paper driving logs for your hours-of-service compliance routine? Our certified ELD solution helps keep you and your drivers on the road. You can save time, automate driver elogbooks, speed up roadside inspections, expedite DVIR reporting, and select from many U.S. state and cross-border rules. Take the easy way to ELD compliance and we will manage the rest.

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  • What is Hours of Service (HoS)?

    compliance with fmcsa's eld mandate for commercial fleets requires commercial driver to keep paperless elogbooks that record drive times.

    The FMCSA’s Hours of Service (HOS) regulation governs the working and driving hours of anyone operating a commercial motor vehicle. As a preventative measure to avoid excessive fatigue, drivers must comply with total daily allowance established by FMCSA and record duty status and its duration (off-work, on-duty, driving or resting) in an electronic logging device (ELD). Drivers will have to present their complete duty records to roadside inspectors when requested.

  • What is Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

    Illustration of how Electronic logging devices connect to vehicles.

    Electronic Logging Device (ELD) legislation replaces the manual Record of Duty Status (RODS) paper logs and must be installed in every vehicle that is federally operated by regulated carriers. It is meant to automate data logging to avoid inaccuracies and falsifications of records.

    Drivers who have implemented AOBRD before the December 2017 deadline will have additional 2 years (until December 16, 2019) to transition to an ELD (Electronic Logging Device).

  • AT&T Fleet Complete BigRoad ELD solution

    ELD app, which is an electronic logging device by Fleet Complete, on smartphones.
    • View of available drive time: comprehensive dashboard overview of the available drive time and current status based on the chosen HoS rule
    • 11 HoS rules: US and Canadian provincial, intra/inter state and federal HoS rules are provided and regularly updated, ensuring your fleet is always compliant
    • Automatic duty status update: driver’s duty status is automatically updated to “Drive” when movement over 1.2 mph is detected
    • Alerts of violation thresholds: notifications of approaching drive time violations allow the driver to better plan their routes and stops in order to stay compliant.
  • ELD Implementation requirements

    electronic logging devices that are ELD compliant.


    • AT&T Fleet Complete ELD mobile application, powered by BigRoad installed on the driver’s mobile device
    • Engine data module connected to the Engine Control Module

    Office back-end

    • AT&T Fleet Complete software installed on Desktops/Laptops or accessed through a web browser
    • Unlimited training and support available upon request
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Solution

    illustration of a tablet displaying the inspection list

    Inspect by AT&T Fleet Complete is designed to simplify vehicle inspection reporting and assist a driver with road safety compliance. The driver follows an easy-to-use checklist, makes remarks of any known defects, and provides a signature right in the app. Reports completed by previous drivers for the same vehicle can also be accessed. All reports can be viewed immediately after their submission by supervising managers through the DVIR Web Portal for audit purposes.

  • Web Mechanic Portal

    After the routine vehicle inspection is completed, defect logs are accessible on the Mechanic Portal. From there, a mechanic can select any vehicle from the list and view all the repairs needed and sign off straight in the portal when they are done. This will prompt a notification on the Inspect app, allowing the driver to keep or reject repairments.

  • $47 ELD and Tracking Bundle

    tablet in a protective case displaying ELD app screenshots

    Together with GPS Lockbox, AT&T Fleet Complete offers drivers a unique electronic logging solution, designed to simplify ELD compliance and avoid regulatory fines.

    Every AT&T Fleet Complete ELD Bundle includes a Samsung Tab E 8”, GPS Lockbox in-cab mount, AT&T Fleet Complete ELD mobile app and AT&T Fleet Complete in-vehicle GPS tracker.

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  • $0.99 Samsung Tab E 8" with every AT&T Fleet Complete ELD solution

    Customers can purchase a $0.99 Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8” Tablet with an AT&T Fleet Complete ELD solution and applicable tablet data plan.

    • Offer valid until April 30, 2018
    • $0.99 upfront for tablet
    • $36 per month per driver (Fleet Tracker, Fleet Tracker data plan and ELD mobile app included)

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Find a business solution right for you