Jobsite Asset Tracking & Equipment Management

Asset tracking and management for operational visibility in near real-time

Are you looking to protect your expensive jobsite equipment from theft or misuse? Are you concerned that it is not being used enough? With our asset management technology, you can monitor your entire asset inventory, maximize its utilization and avoid unexpected replacement costs.

graphical illustration of top 5 benefits of mobile asset management
  • Be informed on all critical events

    illustration of assets management software reporting PTO sensor activity and equipment availability.

    Have full visibility into near real-time location and operation status of your heavy-duty equipment, containers, trailers, and bobcats anywhere on your mobile device. You can check generator fuel levels without having to be onsite and get alerted to any unwarranted activity.

  • Geofencing for equipment and assets

    illustration of an alert from asset management software reporting unauthorized movement.

    Our sophisticated solution enables you to define areas where your assets remain at all times and get notified if they have been moved from the predetermined zone or after work hours.

  • Unpowered equipment management

    illustration of equipment management software on monitor notifying that asset is available at 123 main street.

    We provide asset tracking for any type of equipment, powered or unpowered, which will help monitor assets that change locations intermittently, such as pumps, compressors, and generators.

  • Customize the frequency of asset location transmissions

    illustration of assets management software reporting equipment gps locations at different intervals.

    Our trackers adapt their operation to your asset’s current status, changing transmission modes based on whether your asset is stationary or moving. The transmission frequency varies from once an hour to 4 hours to once a day, based on your business needs.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you