One-stop-shop dispatch software for optimal efficiency

Are your dispatch activities too time-consuming? Would you like to simplify the processes involved? Whether your business does on-demand deliveries or scheduled services, our dispatch solution can help you manage it all. Scheduling, route creation, seasonal conditions, dispatch coordination, order management and invoicing – all from one interface.

  • All-in-one scheduling software platform

    illustration of a dispatch software requesting a pickup to mobile worker's smartphone.

    AT&T Dispatch enables you to automate complex scheduling, create multi-leg routes, define zones and conditions, connect the right professional with the right job, manage orders and barcoded packages, harmonize billing and invoicing – all from one platform.

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  • Automated service management

    illustration of dispatch software showing zones on a gps vehicle tracking on-map.

    Automate work assignments by geographical regions for packages, distribution routes, and drivers. Optimize distribution routes and easily re-organize stops as your capacity changes, making real-time adjustments to the live routes as new orders come in.

  • Certification management

    illustration of dispatch software's license management functionality for onsite field employees.

    Capture certifications and licenses for each driver record together with expiration dates to be able to assign the most suitable person for the pending job.

  • Integrated billing & pricing

    illustration dispatch software's integrated billing functionality.

    Create multiple charts to accommodate a variety of different structures for pricing and payments, including different rules and conditions. Multi-filter capabilities enable you to generate settlements by groupings, while the Quickbooks integration allows you to manage customer accounts and invoicing from one single platform.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you