Optimal IoT platform for field service and job management

Are you barely keeping up with ever-changing priorities? Do your dispatchers spend too much time on the phone trying to coordinate with drivers? With our mobile workforce management solution, you can manage fieldwork, locate and dispatch drivers, assign and track jobs – all from your smart device.

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  • Dispatch efficiently

    illustration of service management software on computer and tablet screens showing the status of onsite workers.

    Our advanced IoT platform allows your to easily view near real-time location of every remote worker on your smart phone or tablet by checking the availability status of employees’ handheld devices. With complete visibility into your field activity and mobile personnel, you can accommodate changing agendas, higher workload, and on-demand services.

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  • Task management & job updates

    illustration of field service management software showing status and progress of assigned work.

    Using our cloud-based application, you can coordinate all of your job assignments and track their completion status with ease. Knowing the current location of your fieldworkers and their availability status, you can dispatch tasks accordingly, and the workers can update the job progress in near real-time from their devices.

  • User-friendly interface

    illustration field service management software showing status of mobile workers.

    Have full visibility of your crew’s workload, in-progress/pending assignments and availability with one look at the screen. Our intuitive controls allow you to track your resources and assign tasks in the calendar in advance. Workers are able to log in and out of the app to see their assigned jobs and update their status.

  • Supported devices

    illustration of service management software app being downloaded to mobile devices.

    The app is easily downloaded from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores and runs on both Android and Apple devices.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you