Paperless workflows and custom forms

Customized, paperless workflow and actionable data in minutes

Does your business require your field staff to fill out copious paperwork in order to jump start the project? Do your office administrators have to spend hours entering collected data into the system? Do your customers have to wait for days for follow up? With AT&T Fleet Complete Forms, you can customize, collect, store and process data in minutes – all from one mobile device.

  • Create sophisticated forms

    icons depicting workflows

    Build your own digital forms that adapt to the job at hand and your specific business needs. Leveraging conditional logic, they trigger actions according to the answers and selections you fill in. With customized workflow, you can now eliminate manual entries and populate the required fields automatically, speeding up form completion. You can easily integrate project cost and time calculations, collect signatures, and upload other types of media to create comprehensive onsite reports that managers can start actioning straight away.

  • Go paperless and boost productivity

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    With automated data distribution on your mobile device, you can eliminate cumbersome manual data entry and paperwork, accelerating work processes to serve your customers faster. Now, you are able to provide your mobile staff with sophisticated tools to serve more clients and offer better customer service as a result. With one app and a smart device to do all your administration, you are saving time and money, while increasing your revenue.

  • Analyze data in near real-time

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    Be on top of your business operations at all times with actionable near real-time information. Fast data collection and its automatic distribution to all parties involved will help you easily track progress of each project and keep the important stakeholders in the know. It helps you move jobs along quicker and enables you to take successive steps, such as follow-up schedules and customer emails, immediately.

  • Integrate with business systems

    computer and tablet showing connecting arrows

    The seamless integration with the backoffice provides your mobile workers access to all backend data on customers, parts, pricelists, instructions and manuals that they need to perform their jobs efficiently. Automate contract management and customize PDFs on the spot to include timestamps, locations, visit and departure times to streamline billing and invoicing, and simplify payroll.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you