Slap-n-track asset tracking

Unparalleled insights into your high-value assets

Worried about your equipment stored on a jobsite? Hoping that environment conditions inside your storage containers or trailers are appropriate to maintain the integrity of your customers’ cargo? AT&T Asset Tracker AT1 removes the guesswork around the status of your assets in the field and delivers accurate timely data that helps managers make on-demand business decisions.

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  • Visibility

    Locate and check the status of machinery, tools and toolboxes, cargo and more.
  • Multi-sensor data

    Capture and log accurate readings of humidity, temperature, light exposure and impact status.
  • Latest technology

    Runs on the LTE-M network and receives automatic software updates over-the-air.
  • Improving asset performance and productivity

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    Under-performing assets can cost your business in depreciation costs, storage space, upkeep and lost business opportunity. Increased transparency into the location, status, and job history of each company asset helps fleet managers optimize work distribution across all available equipment and improve the overall return on investment.

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  • One of the smallest trackers on the LTE-M network

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    At only 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width, AT1 is one of the smallest tracking devices with integrated sensors running on the LTE-M network. This cost-effective AT&T asset tracking solution includes a device, cloud IT, applications, data security, applicable data plan, over-the-air firmware updates and unlimited customer service to cover all your immediate needs.

  • Long-lasting battery and integrated sensors

    illustration of the type of sensory information that the device can capture from an asset

    Compact 3.6V battery is powered to monitor your assets for up to 5 years with a regular ping rate of once a day. With a choice of either a double-sided tape or 2 screws, the device installs on virtually any asset, such as equipment, tools and toolboxes, cargo, and more. It captures GPS location, humidity, temperature, light exposure and impact status of assets at regular intervals, alerting you to any irregularity or activity.

  • Suited for any industry

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    Whether you lease construction equipment, do contracting jobs, manage a yard of trailers, or supervise EMS equipment handling, the AT1 tracker helps ensure your equipment is safe, sound and where it needs to be. Near real-time insight into how your assets’ status is a key component to running more efficient, productive and profitable operations. This versatile solution is fitted for transportation, trade contracting, paramedic, construction and other services.

  • Solution Sheet

    Download the AT&T Asset Tracker AT1 solutions sheet for more information on industry application and technical specifications.

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    Construction businesses can easily locate each of their trucks and high-value equipment on one map.

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Solution Overview

Review all Asset Tracking solution options offered on the AT&T Fleet Complete platform. From quick Slap-n-Track to solutions that offer additional sensor add-ons, see which Asset Tracking solution suits your business.

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Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you