Sophisticated sensor reporting for cargo tracking & trailer contents

Are you looking to secure the contents of your trailers from being compromised? Is your cargo temperature sensitive? We can provide you with sophisticated sensor reporting to monitor temperature levels, doors being opened or closed, power connection to the source, battery charge levels and even the rotation of your concrete mixing equipment to keep your material contents or cargo in optimal quality condition.

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  • Complete knowledge of where, what, why

    illustration of cargo tracking software showing trailer container locations and availability.

    AT&T Fleet Complete is a cost-effective solution for all of your impact-sensitive assets. Always know exactly where your trailers and containers are without being physically onsite and monitor your high-value contents with one glance at a screen.

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  • Sensor readings

    illustration of cargo tracking software's data on cargo temperatures, battery level and door open sensor alerts.

    Monitor your stored or moved contents with special sensor-activated alerts that notify of events that may compromise their condition. Temperature variations, door being opened or closed, low battery levels, disconnection from the source, improper rotation of your concrete mixer – all these factors will trigger an immediate alert, sent to your smart device of choice.

  • Protection from theft or misuse

    illustration of cargo monitoring software alerting mobile phone that trailer container being tracked by gps is outside of custom defined area.

    Your onsite heavy equipment and containers are often vulnerable to theft or misuse. With our specific tracking devices, you will always be in the know of where all of your high-value assets are and what they are doing. You will be notified of any unauthorized activity, such as movement outside of a designated zone or after work hours, and be able to quickly react and take all necessary measures.

  • Customized data reporting

    illustration of cargo tracking software's reports displayed on a computer screen.

    AT&T Fleet Complete platform offers a wide variety of reports, generated from the near real-time data that is gathered by the sensors and hardwired devices. You can make these reports as detailed as you like and get them as frequently as your management requires.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you