Video telematics

Remote coach your drivers with Vision - dashcam event recording solution

Do you ever get calls about your drivers behaving aggressively or carelessly on the roads? Tired of paying speeding tickets? Are you paying the costs of insurance claims for a crash that wasn't your driver's fault? AT&T Fleet Complete Vision provides an extra pair of eyes on the road and an in-cab voice assistance to coach your drivers en route. With the ability to capture and notify drivers of lane drifting, tailgating, speed violations and other risky behavior, fleet managers are equipped with the necessary insight to better manage risk and improve safety.

  • In-cab coaching

    In-cab driver coaching can help fleets reduce careless driving, minimize chances of collisions and reduce wear and tear on company vehicles.
  • Reputable image

    Build respectable brand image on the road with responsible and safe customer service.
  • Driver integrity

    Help protect your drivers' safety scores when faced with false claims of hazardous behavior or crash fault.
  • Video event capture

    infographic showing a monitor screen with visualization of a vehicle and an aggressive driving alert

    The Vision dashcam does not capture the entire trip. The solution monitors the behavior throughout the trip and only records a few seconds before and after the triggered event of aggressive driving. To view the infractions, the driver can review their trip on the mobile app, while a fleet manager can log into the Fleet Complete portal and review the trip with flagged violations.

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  • Aggressive driving alerts

    infographic showing aggressive driving alerts for multiple vehicles

    Each time Vision registers aggressive driving, such as lane drifting, rolling stop, speeding, harsh cornering, hard braking, harsh accelerating, and tailgating, the system provides live voice feedback to notify the driver of the activity, coaching drivers to curb dangerous habits and operate safer.

  • Flexible solution

    compliance with fmcsa's eld mandate for commercial fleets requires commercial driver to keep paperless elogbooks that record drive times.

    AT&T Fleet Complete platform offers flexibility that suits your business needs and budget. You can choose to get the Vision app today with an option to add vehicle telematics and ECM monitoring later on. All your historic data is stored in the cloud and will not be disturbed during the upgrade.

  • Growing technology

    illustration showing a computer screen with a dashboard

    Positive benefits resulting from risk management and safe systems are helping fleet owners improve driver safety and lower total cost of fleet ownership. Our team is laser-focused on expanding the features of the AT&T Fleet Complete Vision solution, such as weekly, monthly and insurance claims reports, to offer our customers the feature-rich platform to help their fleets thrive.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you