Fleet, Asset and Workforce management solutions

AT&T Fleet Complete offers a specialized composition of tracking solutions, designed to gain optimal visibility into your assets and workforce, streamline and optimize operations, have better cost control and strategic planning over projects. It allows to evaluate performance and productivity, obtain actionable intelligence and get optimal results.

Conducting leaner, safer, smarter construction operations

AT&T Fleet Complete’s comprehensive fleet and asset management platform with sophisticated sensors helps constructions companies improve planning and budgeting, meet key deadlines, operate leaner and achieve better ROI.

“We immediately saw a reduction in the number of collisions and the after-hours use of our trucks. These reductions continued to occur throughout the years and have mirrored the continuous developments and improvements of these devices and software.” – Tim Kohlsmith, Security & Fleet Manager

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Connecting communities and helping them thrive

With GPS tracking technology becoming smaller, faster and easier to implement, AT&T Fleet Complete platform helps communities gain greater visibility and better connect to the bustling activity that defines a busy metropolis.

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Integrated fleet management solution for first responders

Immediate response and on-demand action to an emergency call are critical competencies when it comes to first responder teams. Intense training and quick thinking on their feet makes emergency response units very effective at their jobs. When chronological sequence of events may have a direct impact on the investigation of what happened, accurate record-keeping becomes an absolute necessity for scene reconstruction and further historical recreation.

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Optimizing fleet operations for trade contractor fleets

Fleet Complete’s fleet GPS tracking and telematics tools help small to medium trade service businesses maximize their insight into the in-field activity and run leaner operations.

“Nowadays, I don’t need to call 10 drivers to find out where they are, and who is closest to the project site. I have all the information right in front of me.”
– Shweta Hardy, Office Manager at Parrotta Paving

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Temperature monitoring solution to streamline FSMA compliance

Accurate temperature status logs inside the trailer at the time of loading and during the transportation is a key requirement for companies in food transportation under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). AT&T Fleet Complete solution offers an in-vehicle GPS tracker with a temperature sensor add-on that capture GPS and time-stamped status of reefer trailers throughout the delivery process to ensure product integrity and compliance with the regulations.

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Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you