FSMA solution

Temperature monitoring solutions for food transportation industries

AT&T Fleet Complete offers a flexible temperature monitoring and trailer cleaning schedule tracker solutions to help your fleet comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements and protect your company brand integrity when it comes to quality transportation services.

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  • Accurate records

    Capture and log temperature readings inside the trailer pre and during the trip.
  • Simpler compliance

    Easily pull and share GPS and time stamped historic records going back as far as 12 months.
  • Accountability

    Provide proof of cargo integrity during transportation and help ensure painless chain of custody hand-off.
  • Rugged solution for mission-critical operations

    illustration of 3 vehicles reporting the temperature inside their trailers

    Our submersible temperature probes are installed inside trailers and capture readings at configurable intervals, as low as 1 min apart. The readings are GPS and time stamped and logged in the system for later review.

  • Maintenance and cleaning service tracker

    illustration of a computer screen showing a status of a DVIR report

    Fleet Complete’s Inspect app helps fleet managers and drivers automate the process of logging vehicle inspections and cleaning schedules. The driver logs and signs off on pre and post trip inspections providing the fleet manager time stamped records of the service taking place.

  • Connected compliance

    illustration showing a computer screen and a tablet showing a status and location of a vehicle on a map

    Fleet Complete platform offers the benefits of integrated solutions and ability to manage your fleet operations from one platform. With one system to capture key fleet data, fleet managers can simplify ELD compliance and HOS management, IFTA reporting, FSMA audits and more.

  • Dashboards and reporting

    illustration showing a computer screen with a dashboard

    Fleet Dashboards and on-demand reports provide managers near real-time key performance indicators of individual drivers and the overall fleet. Managers can assess and address safety risk status, manage overall mileage, review compliance status and more.

Find a business solution right for you

Find a business solution right for you