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In a highly competitive market, construction companies are faced with higher client expectations, tighter contract margins and exacting time frames to secure business. Operational efficiency, cost management and worker productivity become crucial to remain profitable on a project. With limited visibility into the company assets and workforce location, status and performance, fleet managers often face inefficient distribution of tasks, unnecessary overtime, excessive fuel and maintenance costs, together with a myriad of other ineffective practices that affect the bottom line.

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  • Visibility

    Asset tracking devices help oversee the status and performance of equipment, tools, containers and other infield valuables, ensuring their appropriate usage and safety.
  • Recorded trip history

    Trip Reports provide a comprehensive view of all end destinations, stops made, routes followed, fuel consumed and time taken, giving you key insights into inefficiencies.
  • Integrated platform

    Emergency buttons, ready-mix concrete sensor, Enhanced Push-to-Talk and other add-ons help improve operational efficiency all from one platform.
  • More than just GPS tracking solutions

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    AT&T Fleet Complete’s advanced fleet tracking, asset management and sensory solutions are the latest word in smart technology, powered by telematics. They are easily installed into your vehicles, onto your equipment and other valuable assets to deliver comprehensive diagnostic data, location and real-time reports – all in one interface. This includes unauthorized use or theft alerts, reports on engine hours and idle time, and instant access to your fleet’s operations from anywhere at anytime.

  • Critical sensor data from the field

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    Fleet Complete provides an array of auxiliary sensors to your asset management solution to help optimize your operations to the maximum and protect your high-value assets from theft or misuse. Add-ons such as fuel level, temperature, power take-off (PTO) and environmental sensors, allow your operations to benefit from increased transparency into the activity at a jobsite, improved safety and integrity of your assets, and higher performance of your investments.

  • Extra level of insight with Operator and Driver IDs

    Integrate your fleet tracking devices with Driver ID to help raise on-road safety, simplify sharing of company vehicles, and add an extra layer of security to your assets. All your driver needs to do is to tap their individual ID key to a receiver to identify themselves. By assigning Key Fobs to your vehicle operators, you can save time on administration, minimize phone traffic, and keep your vehicles secure. Driver ID starter-disabling option is also available to help prevent unwanted usage.

  • Keep your vehicles and equipment in prime condition

    illustration of fleet vehicle maintenance software alerts from fleet management software.

    Avoid critical breakage and heavy repair costs by improving the accuracy of your preventative maintenance program. Incorporate scheduled, timely alerts to your fleet maintenance regimen, based on mileage and engine hours’ thresholds, and prevent major breakdowns that can result in project halt on top of the incurred service expenses.

  • Featured Solution

    Equipment tracking

    Define areas where your assets should remain at all times and get notified if they have been moved from the predetermined zone or after work hours.

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    Featured Product

    Asset Tracker AT1

    One of the smallest asset tracking devices on the market, this cost-effective solution helps businesses ensure their high-value assets are safe and where they are supposed to be.

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Pyramid Corp is seeing 75% drop in collisions

Pyramid Corporation is a privately owned company offering a broad range of maintenance, construction and material procurement services. As a company in the service industry, Pyramid Corporation was has an unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and safety, which it achieves using Fleet Complete fleet management solution.

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Find a business solution right for you