First responder solution

Integrated fleet management solution for first responders

Looking for a reliable solution to improve incident reporting process? How much time would having an accurate record of where and when your emergency vehicle has been help you save on daily reports and investigation assistance? With our all-in-one fleet management solution your dispatchers can locate and dispatch the closest available unit in moments, download accurate reports of time-stamped locations where your vehicles have been, have proof of siren and emergency lights engagement, and more - all from one screen.

Portrait of a paramedic woman driving an ambulance in a residential city area
  • Accurate records

    Track time, location and equipment engagement during urgent situations
  • Scene recreation

    Have a time-stamped proof of presence and proof of action at a location or in the event of an emergency
  • Visibility

    Monitor and manage your units' location, status and behavior on the road
infographic showing fire truck, ambulance and a police cruiser with markings where AT&T Fleet Complete solution can improve monitoring status on the vehicles
  • More than just fleet tracking

    graphic showing a computer screen with an icon of an ambulance vehicle show such attributes as location, alarm status, driver behavior status, seatbelt status and PTT status

    Feature-rich and versatile AT&T Fleet Tracker integrates with multiple vehicle sensors, such as engine control module (ECM)*, alarm lights, siren switch, door/trunk sensor, auxiliary equipment status, and more, providing dispatchers and high-ranking officers with detailed fleet overview at any time while in the field.

  • National dedicated FirstNet network

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    AT&T Fleet Complete has been selected as AT&T’s fleet management solution of choice for FirstNet customers. Backed by dedicated network service, together with the diverse fleet and mobile workforce solutions provided by AT&T Fleet Complete, FirstNet helps first response teams make on-demand life-saving decisions, gain greater visibility into critical information and create smarter and safer cities.

  • No more guesswork

    Historic report data on the exact time, location and driver behavior of all vehicles helps protect the integrity of field units in the public eye when lacking proof of presence or a negative perception of behavior may affect the outcome of investigations.

  • Added layer of personal safety

    Personal Tracker PT100 captures the location and physical status of workers in the field. Rescue teams gain an added level of safety with ability to send an immediate request for assistance by pressing the panic button on the device. Alternatively, the device is equipped with a motion sensor and will send out an alert if the worker is immobile for prolonged period of time.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity on the go

    Cradlepoint Networking solutions provide ambulatory and emergency response teams with reliable and always-available internet connectivity at any place and any time. Purpose-built ruggedized and semi-ruggedized 4G LTE models, and soon 5G-capable modems, help First Responder and Rescue teams ensure critical scene and patient information is safely delivered to appropriate channels.

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  • Instant communication with field staff

    illustration of voice dispatch software with a push to talk call in progress.

    Complimentary integration with an existing AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk solution provides an add-on communication channel as backup. Dispatchers can conference with multiple units in the field from one screen.

  • Featured Solution

    AT&T Fleet Complete technology helping build smarter cities

    AT&T Fleet Complete solutions bring city planners, business owners, fleet managers, community service administrators and public service departments the critical insight needed to improve our urban areas.

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    Featured Product

    AT&T Fleet Tracker

    Fleet managers gain greater insight into the critical telematics data in the field, such as driver behavior, vehicle status, location, and more, to better analyze fleet performance and optimize their operations.

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First Responders Industry Sheet

Immediate response and on-demand action to an emergency call are critical competencies when it comes to first responder teams. Intense training and quick thinking on their feet makes emergency response units very effective at their jobs. When chronological sequence of events may have a direct impact on the investigation of what happened, accurate record-keeping becomes an absolute necessity for scene reconstruction and further historical recreation.

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Find a business solution right for you