Connecting communities and helping them thrive

With GPS tracking technology becoming smaller, faster and easier to implement, AT&T Fleet Complete platform helps communities gain greater visibility and better connect to the bustling activity that defines a busy metropolis.

The stream of actionable information produced by vehicles, assets, equipment, infrastructure, smart technology and mobile devices is ever-flowing. It brings city planners, business owners, fleet managers, community service administrators and public service departments the critical insight needed to improve our urban areas.

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  • Improving connectivity

    Our wide range of GPS-based solutions are designed to increase transparency into active vehicles, assets and personnel.
  • Increasing safety

    With greater insight, communities are better equipped to mitigate unnecessary risks and better manage emergency situations.
  • Converging data

    AT&T Fleet Complete platform captures millions of data points and transforms them into actionable intelligence through enhanced analytics.
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  • Commitment to zero road fatalities

    Vision Zero Network logo

    AT&T Fleet Complete is dedicated to supporting the Vision Zero initiative – the goal of bringing road collision fatalities and severe injuries to zero. Our platform is designed to help city fleet managers identify and address aggressive driving patterns among their drivers to improve overall traffic safety for all road users.

    Since its inception in Sweden 20 years ago, Vision Zero programs have been started across the world, including communities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Mexico City and Toronto, and others committed to safe mobility for all. Technologies, like AT&T Fleet Complete, provide municipal administrators with the critical data from the field, helping city fleets run greener and safer operations.

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  • Global data insight through CONNVEX

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    CONNVEX is a cloud-based big data analytics platform that brings together multiple data sources to power advanced vehicle connectivity. It converges prolific data from multiple participants, like OEMs, suppliers and business fleets, to provide holistic insight into vehicle health and activity over time. Directly integrated with the Fleet Complete platform, CONNVEX uses the census data to demonstrate driver behavior statistics and generate comprehensive reports on the overall activity on the road.

    With access to demographic data on near real-time speeding, idling, harsh braking and hard cornering from hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the city roads, city planners are better equipped to improve city and road structures for safer communities.

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  • Dedicated high-speed network for first responders

    firstnet logo

    The First Responder Network Authority partnered with AT&T to build out a nationwide high-speed broadband internet network, dedicated to emergency responders. AT&T Fleet Complete was the solution of choice to provide vehicle telematics services to the FirstNet customers.

    AT&T and AT&T Fleet Complete are providing the city emergency response teams with a robust portfolio of solutions that help improve dispatching efficiency, increase response times and improve the safety of the first responders and the public.

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  • Mobile high-speed LAN connectivity

    Wireless (LTE) connectivity plays a major role in providing first responder fleets with reliable and always-available Internet connectivity; enabling improved productivity, squad and fleet management, and extended services for our most trusted public safety women and men.

    Field tested and proven even in the worst of emergency conditions, Cradlepoint has inspired confidence with First Responders worldwide by delivering purpose-built connectivity options for in-vehicle, IoT and station networking. Boasting an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, coupled with a single cloud management platform and FIPS certification, all make Cradlepoint the clear and cost effective choice for thousands of today’s most demanding first responder organizations.

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  • Featured Solution

    School bus safety and the need for fleet telematics

    “[We] are looking into the feasibility of a technology system that will further safeguard against such instances,” PK Diffenbaugh, Monterey Peninsula School District superintendent wrote after an 11-year old girl was forgotten on a bus at Monterey school bus yard.

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  • Portrait of a male paramedic in front of ambulance with portable oxygen unit

    Featured Solution

    Integrated fleet management solution for first responders

    AT&T Fleet Complete provides a feature-rich reliable solution to first responders and emergency rescue teams. Seamless integration with various vehicle sensors, accurate GPS location records, physical status of team members in the field, and more, bring the critical insight into the near real-time and past happenings in the field.

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Featured Webinar

Today’s Data Analytics to Advance Vision Zero

Industry experts from AT&T Fleet Complete joined with safe city visionaries in an informational webinar highlighting how today’s technology can help communities of all sizes achieve Vision Zero. Keynote speakers - Sandeep Kar, Chief Strategy Officer from Fleet Complete and Mahanth Joishy, City Fleet Superintendent from Madison, WI - shared their on-the-ground experience and recommendations of using scalable data from vehicle safety systems to capture driver behavior on the road and analyze driving patterns of city fleets to improve safety for communities ranging in size from New York City to Madison, WI.

Watch the recording of the webinar

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Find a business solution right for you