Gaining clear understanding of all of your operations

General contracting businesses, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical services, and utilities, traditionally operate a number of different vehicles that move across multiple job sites throughout the day. Many of these businesses have little to no visibility of their fleet’s daily operation and struggle to maintain a competitive service as the result. Some of the biggest challenges revolve around timely billing, accurate worker wages, well-maintained vehicles while working with constrained budgets, making a difference between expanding or downsizing the business.

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  • Visibility

    The tracking map allows managers to locate and send the closest available worker to the job.
  • Improved billing

    Accurate reports provide the necessary information, such as technician’s travel time, mileage, onsite arrival and departure, enabling to bill faster and more accurately.
  • Integrated platform

    Door sensor, PTO sensor, Enhanced Push-to-Talk and other add-ons help improve operational efficiency all from one platform.
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  • More than just GPS tracking solutions

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    Powered by advanced telematics technology, Fleet Complete’s in-vehicle Fleet Tracker covertly connects to your vehicle’s ECM and collects key diagnostic data from your vehicles and equipment that allows you to proactively manage your fleet’s maintenance, avoid overheating and breakage, evaluate monthly fuel usage and plan for a leaner and more productive performance.

  • Driver performance and vehicle use

    illustration of fleet management software showing fleet vehicle alerts such as aggressive driving behaviours.

    Vehicle operation transparency can help your business achieve higher efficiency, run a greener fleet and provide accurate historic data for audits, insurance claims and tax credits. Recognizing and rewarding appropriate driving behavior on the road helps ensure your drivers are adopting safer driving habits and maintaining a reputable brand image when traveling between jobsites.

  • Know who, what and where

    Fleet Complete’s RFID driver identification system helps increase driver accountability when it comes to their on-road behavior and sharing company vehicles. Each driver is assigned a unique ID key, which they tap to a receiver, installed in each vehicle before starting their trip. This identifies and assigns the driver to the vehicle in the system and logs driver activity until they sign out. Driver ID starter-disabling option is also available to help prevent unwanted usage.

  • Minimize downtime for your vehicles

    illustration of fleet vehicle maintenance software alerts from fleet management software.

    Avoiding critical breakage ensures your vehicles are out on the road and earning your business money. Knowing exactly when your vehicles need regular maintenance can prevent major breakdowns that result in downtime and incurred service costs. AT&T Fleet Complete’s fleet maintenance module allows your fleet managers to schedule timely service for your vehicles, based on mileage and engine hours thresholds.

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    Know where your vehicles have been

    Trip Replay provides a detailed overview of where your vehicles have been, stops they made, routes they took, how much fuel was used and more, enabling you to evaluate and improve performance.

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Featured Case Study

Parrotta Paving promotes safe driving with AT&T Fleet Complete

Founded in 1961, Parrotta Paving is a family owned asphalt-paving business, offering a professional and highly reliable one-stop-shop services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Parrotta Paving was looking to employ a monitoring system that could help track their mobile resources, provide additional insight into employee driving behavior and manage insurance ratings.

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Find a business solution right for you